About Us

Our Mission

Language Ventues, Inc. seeks to turn language barriers into competitive advantages by:

  1. Advising firms on how to improve their market performance by incorporating innovative language and cross-cultural solutions into their business strategies; and

  2. Providing multilingual and multicultural career development resources to students & professionals.

Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez,
Esq., M.B.A.

Language Entrepreneurship

Language Ventures, Inc. was established to address a significant problem facing globally focused students, professionals and organizations.

While there are many products and services designed to teach a language and understand other cultures, there are few resources designed to empower professionals and firms to better leverage their language and cross-cultural skills.

This sadly results in capable talent not reaching their full potential and firms being unable to make inroads into diverse markets abroad and at home, among other issues.

Language Ventures, Inc. seeks to solve these issues by offering various language and cross-cultural products and services designed to develop talent, enhance market performance, and mitigate language related risks.

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