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Languages Improve Performance

In increasingly competitive markets, both at home and abroad, firms need every advantage. Domestically, the U.S. is becoming more diverse and the U.S. Hispanic population has the eight largest Gross Domestic Product in the world. Internationally, firms are increasing their global footprints by working with foreign suppliers, establishing offices abroad, and entering new markets. However, The United States Committee on Economic Development estimates American companies lose over $2 Billion dollars per year due to cultural and language miscommunication.

Language Ventures, Inc. helps firms leverage their language skills and assets to maximize their growth opportunities and reduce these risks. We advise on important business functions as human resources, customer service, marketing, operations, and so much more.

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Boost Your Career

While English is widely spoken in professional settings, it is not enough to get ahead in our globalized economy. According to a study from the New American Economy, demand for bilingual professionals more than doubled in the last five years. Other studies have shown multilingual professionals receive higher compensation than non-multilingual professionals. As demand and competition for multilingual professionals grows, resources will need to be developed to guide them along their careers.

Language Ventures, Inc. supports students and professionals to develop the next wave of globally focused talent with multilingual and cross-cultural resources.